Buenos Aires – take 3

Back to Buenos Aires for my final destination.
I only had 3 days here, but decided to make the most of my final few days. Milly, my friend from the estancia I worked on, was in Buenos Aires at the same time which was nice.
we both had some shopping to do so headed to san telmo, famous for its antique market, had a wander around then had some lunch in the sunshine. Afterwards we walked to another area called la boca, home to the biggest football stadium in Buenos Aires and to an area called caminito which is an area of houses made of tin and painted lots of different colours. This has become something of a tourist spot and is home to lots of nice restaurants, bars where they play lots of music and have impromptu tango shows. We enjoyed a drink here before heading back to our hostel.
That evening a group of friends from the hostel all headed to a bar/hall to a tango evening. They have lessons early in the evening, but later on they have good people showing off their skils and a live band. I had intended on just watching, but this proved harder than I had expected. I was soon learning some tango moves which actually proved to be brilliant fun!
After appreciating quite how hard the dance is, it was great to watch people who actually know what they are doing! Afterwards, there was an amazing display of a guy doing a form of poi and tap dancing.
Wednesday we decided was our day to head over the river plata to Uruguay, more specifically to Colonia. We took a ferry which was only an hour so it is very easy to do a day trip. Colonia is an old colonial city and is incredibly picturesque. It also has a lovely beach, with sand, on the river shore which would have been ideal for me but unfortunately the weather was not quite sunbathing weather!
That evening we had dinner in Colonia, then got a late boat back. After our day trip we were feeling rather exhausted so we ended up having drinks at the hostel with the friends from the tango night.
Thursday was a beautiful sunny day, and we managed to get all of our respective shopping completed in the morning. This left the afternoon gor sunbathing up on the lovely roof terrace. In the evening Milly and I headed out for dinner at a famous jazz bar and restaurant called Notorious. We had a great meal and enjoyed an amazing jazz show. A perfect final night!
Friday was my final day in Buenos Aires and with only the morning free I was determined to enjoy as much sun as possible.
A fond farewell to Milly and my other friends from the hostel and then it was time for my flight home and end of my South American Adventure!


One thought on “Buenos Aires – take 3

  1. thanks for all the reports from your travels, they have made an interesting read and i’ll miss them – though it’ll be great to see you back here! welcome home!

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