Buenos Aires – take 2

Back to Buenos Aires for the second time. This time I decided to stay somewhere different and ended up in Palermo the middle class haven of Buenos Aires. Whilst the area is less aesthetically pleasing than San Telmo it does have a more family friendly feeling to it and I feel it is less likely I am going to get mugged!
I stayed in a hostel that had been recommended to me, which was lovely but seemed to have half of France staying there. No real issue except that most French people seem pretty poor at English and my French leaves a lot to be desired. Spanish therefore was the common ground!
On Sunday I spent the day in the Recoleta area, which is adjacent to Palermo and home to the super rich. I decided a day of culture was in order and went the the very impressive Belles Art gallery and followed this up with a trip to the cemetery. This is where Eva Peron, made famous worldwide by Madonna in Evita, and numerous other rich and famous Argentines are laid to rest. It is a truly bizarre place with some of the crypts having glass doors that look more like entrances to smart office blocks than a final resting place for someone rich! There are some incredible looking crypts and some which have decayed so much that the crypts are actually open. I think the whole place is a great example of why cremation is the way forward, as it is pretty damn creepy!
That evening a group of us from the hostel had an asado on the wonderful roof terrace. Yet more meat! This was made impressive by an Aussie doing the cooking, but he did a great job and ensured we were running on Argentine timings by having food ready around midnight!
More exploring of Palermo on Monday, including the botanical gardens and the fantastic shopping and cafe culture on the streets of Palermo.
The heat was nearly intolerable by lunchtime and by mid afternoon there was a very intense thunder storm followed by lovely sunshine again. Apparently this is the weather pattern in BA in spring. All very well unless you get caught out in the storm with no appropriate clothing nor an umbrella!


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