Buenos Aires take 1

I arrived into Buenos Aires for my first of 3 stays here on Friday afternoon. Having met a number of people along the way who are based in Buenos Aires I had been well briefed on the city. I stayed in the San Telmo district which is full of beautiful old buildings and has a very artistic crowd, you seem to almost continually be tripping over people selling hand crafted bits and pieces in the street.
With only 2 days in the city I decided to spend time getting to know the local area with a friend I had met previously called Cesilia who lives in the city. I had my first taste of the very well documented petty crime in Buenos Aires when someone tried, and failed, to steal my handbag. Not quite the start I was hoping for, but a good reminder that as a blonde haired, blue eyed, white girl I’m pretty much a walking target to pick pockets and tourist scams here!
The city itself has lots of history and numerous beautiful old buildings and areas so is a lovely place to walk around. There are cafes on every corner and many ice cream parlours which help to keep you going!
On my final night in Buenos Aires a group of friends went to watch a musical which another friend of ours was performing in. This proved to be a great, if slightly challenging due to it all being in Spanish, evening!
The following day I left for 2 weeks on an estancia, just outside of Buenos Aires, to learn how to be a gaucho.


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