Mar del Plata

After around a month in Patagonia I was starting to feel ready for some real warmth and being able to walk around in shorts again! With this in mind I booked myself onto a bus to Mar del, a very popular beach resort a few hundred miles south of Buenos Aires. I was feeling rather pleased with this decision until I told to Argentinians of my plan, they immediately laughed telling me I was going at the wrong time of year. A quick look at the weather report showed moderate temperatures and lots of rain. This brought on a further round of laughter. I decided to take my bus all the same and see what it was like in person.
I arrived on Monday morning in cloudy, grey weather. Despite having seen the weather report I was still disappointed! I arrived at my hostel, which turned out to be the Argentinian surfers hang out which isn’t perhaps an obvious fit for me. Despite this I met a great group in the hostel, which included lots of people living in Buenos Aires so I was able to get lots of tips for my next destination.
Despite being a massive Argentinian beach holiday destination the beaches here were pretty disappointing. There was rubbish everywhere and the whole coast is lined with high rise hotels and apartments. The bizarre thing is that none of the locals seem to notice this. They are incredibly proud of the place!
Despite a lack of sunshine on the first day I was incredibly lucky to have great weather for the following 3 days and now feel reassured my tan at least visible again! In between sunbathing a couple of friends from the hostel, Felix a very nice German and Liisa from Finland (incidentally my first Finnish friend) went on a cycling trip around the coast to see the sea lions. This did not go well. Firstly it turns out sea lions are ugly, smelly and mean animals which was very disappointing as I was expecting something much more like the incredibly cute seals I saw on the Galapagos islands. Secondly, Liisa’s bike broke half way on the trip so we had to walk all the way back. Not ideal. On the plus side we had calamari for lunch (freshly caught that day) which was absolutely delicious.
After 4 lovely days in Mar del Plata I headed off to Buenos Aires, which has been very much long awaited given quite how much I have heard about the city.


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