Puerto Bories

After farewells to the group I had spent the last few days hiking with I headed a few miles down the road to a village called Puerto Bories. I spent the next 4 days at Bories hotel, which is owned by Heidi and Gustavo (Heidi is originally from Yorkshire), where I helped them with riding horses in return for a bed.
On arrival at the hotel it was one of the windiest and coldest days I had experienced, possibly ever. Heidi had a group she was taking for a ride, so I offered to join and help out. After 2 hours of being outside on a horse unable to even speak to the person next to you as the wind made hearing impossible I was starting to think Patagonia wasn’t quite as great as I had thought. Once we got back inside however it all changed. Within a few minutes of being inside the lovely cook who works in the hotel put a large cup of tea and a slice of lemon meringue pie in front of me, things were definitely looking up! That night I sat in front of a fire, as it teemed down with rain outside, and finished the last book in the Hunger games trilogy. Pretty much perfect!
The following 3 days the weather got back on track. We had beautiful sunshine everyday and luckily no wind at all which meant you could enjoy the surroundings.
Riding around the area is a truly stunning experience with snow capped mountains in all directions, the sea and glacial lakes it is a wonderful place to spend some time. The horses that Heidi and Gustavo have are mostly a criollo and arab mix, which produces a hardy pony-type horse which is excellent for endurance riding and very quiet to handle and ride.
(Disclaimer for this photo-I rode everyday with a hat, except when this picture was taken. I had to give my hat someone with greater need than myself. I do not in anyway endorse riding without a hat. Mum, please take note!)
One afternoon Heidi took me to see the estancia where they own land and used to be based. It is the most beautiful location, with its own bay and fjords set in front of the mountains. We then went to a nearby tourist attraction, the Miladon cave, which is a huge cave formed from glacial melt water. Inside the remains of a prehistoric sloth were found amongst other fossils. From there you can climb up to a viewpoint which affords great views of the surrounding area.
After 4 lovely days spent riding in the sunshine in Chilean Patagonia it was time to say goodbye to Heidi and Gustavo and also to Chile. Time for me to head back over the border and to the Argentine side of Patagonia.


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