Onto country number 5, Argentina.
Having been travelling for almost 4 months now actually staying in someone’s house was a real treat!
As someone who has very little contact with children I realised how much fun it is to play games again. I have learned how to play with lego, watched Peppa pig (actually quite good!), read Thomas the tank engine and been impressed by the creativity and complexity involved in any game! In between this I did manage to see a bit of Salta!
On Saturday they hosted an asado (Argentine barbecue) at their house. These was a lovely group of us, both adults and children, but the highlight for me was the food. Absolutely amazing! The time invested in asados makes the English barbecue really seem inadequate in comparison. We had a beautiful piece of Argentine beef slow cooked and sliced up, which produced the most tender and juicy beef. This was the start to Argentina I was wanting!
I had an explore around Salta on Sunday morning, which is a very picturesque city itself. Then out for lunch for more amazing beef and the biggest steak I have ever seen! In the afternoon we went for a walk to a nearby river, where you suddenly appreciate how stunning the views are around Salta.
I had a day trip booked to go to Cafayate. This involved about a 3 and a half hours drive each way from Salta through the most incredible scenery, including canyons, bizarre rock formations and multi coloured mountains. Once in Cafayate we had a wine tour around one of the numerous vineyards in the area. We then had lunch. I did rather well on the group I was with, since the rest of the group were from different parts of Argentina. As such they insisted that I tried everything, so were continually putting more food on my plate! Also, I have now fully experienced the famous Argentine hospitality, as I had lots of kind offers to come at stay!
My final day involved seeing some of the museums in Salta, including the amazing MAAM museum which showcases 3 mumified children from the Inca period. The children were found, along with a number of other items, at a very high altitude and as such have been preserved to an almost perfect level. They are eerily real looking!
Then, onto a bus to Mendoza, 19hrs of fun…


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