After pizza and a well earned good nights sleep we set off bright and early for the next destination. An 8hour bus ride later and we had arrived. We met a guy called Ollie on the bus, a fellow English traveller, turns out he works for Deloitte so Fi was in her element having accounting chat!
we all headed to a hostel we had decided upon, solely because we got use of a swimming pool. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to sunbathing with the odd dip in the pool. After the freezing cold of the salt flats it was the most amazing feeling!
We decided that we needed to do some sort of exercise and it seemed an obvious choice of doing the triathlon the following day! This involved riding around in a 4×4 sightseeing, followed by horse riding and then cycling. A massive lunch was also included. This seemed a better idea than the last triathlon…
The day was a great success. The weather absolutely perfect and the views around Tupiza are all stunning. It is a mass of red rock and canyons, with the most fantastic rock formations. Whenever we went anywhere I seemed to find myself asking the same question about how on earth this was formed. Again, this is when listening better in geography would have helped!
The riding was slightly sedate for me, but since Ollie had never ridden before he was not keen on increasing the pace. The final phase of cycling was my favourite. We were driven up to the top of a mountain, back to around 4000m, and we cycled all the way down. Views included a multi coloured mountain range, massive canyons and my back tyre bursting. All good fun!
Our final day in Tupiza involved a fond farewell to Ollie, with promises of drinks back in London, and a day by the pool for Fi and I. We managed to get to a lovely shade of red by the end of the day, something I had not expected in Bolivia! This proved less than comfortable for our night bus that evening!
Onto Potosi, our final destination in Bolivia together.


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