Uyuni -Salt flats

Our 3 day salt flats tour didn’t exactly start as planned. Fiona and I took a night bus from la Paz to Uyuni, where the tour began from. We had paid extra for a tourist bus so we would get a nights sleep. What we had failed to realise is that the majority of the road to Uyuni is unpaved. This made for a very restless night! We had a good breakfast then headed out on our tour, 7 of us in total in a Toyota 4X4. Snug, but actually not as bad as it sounds!
Our driver/guide/cook for the tour was a wonderful man called Domingo. He spoke no English at all (luckily 1 of our group was fluent in English and Spanish), but he was incredibly knowledgeable about everywhere we visited. He knew every mountain name and height, it seemed to us that his knowledge of the area was limitless. He was also a comedy genius, continually telling jokes or letting go of the steering wheel in order to dance and sing along to his music. In all a total legend!
Our first day included a visit to a train cemetery, exactly what it sounds like but in the middle of a desert, the amazing salt flats and an island in the middle of the salt flats called cactus island. This was the beginning of my saying the phrase “this blows my mind” basically on repeat for 3 days. A few people before I went on the tour had described the salt flats as other worldly. This is probably the best description I can give. I have never seen anything like them before and the whole place is so bizarre there is nothing I can compare it to. We managed to get some great pictures before leaving the salt flats to stay the night in a salt hotel. Everything is made of salt, walls, tables, beds. Pretty ingenious really given that this is the one thing they really have a lot of.
our second day involved visiting a multitude of lakes, of all different colours. All were helpfully named after the colour, and looked this way due to different mineral balances. The red lake was particularly impressive, but we also saw a yellow, white and green one. There were flamingos living on some of these lakes, they had black tipped wings which looked amazing against their pink bodies. In between the lakes we saw various bizarre rock formations and mountains. Never more have I wished to have studied Physical Geography! We finished the day at yet another salt hostel. This time in a shared dorm with the rest of our group. We were all very happy with this arrangement until 5 of us spent the entire night awake listening to one guy snore!
our third day began at 4.30am. We set off to visit the geysers at sunrise. This was one of the most stunning views, as you saw the first light through the hot steam. Even the smell of sulphur didn’t detract from the experience! We then visited another lake, this one had a high concentration of cyanide so there was little wildlife to see. After this we went to a thermal spring, where we all sat in this natural pool of lovely hot water admiring stunning mountain views around us. Suddenly no sleep the night before seemed a long way away!
We then had a long journey back to our start and end point. However this was broken up with visits to a stunning canyon and some more bizarre rock formations in the middle of a desert. We arrived back into Uyuni around 5.30pm. Originally we had planned on getting a bus straight to our next destination. However, fiona and I dec


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