Lake Titicaca

On to country number 4 and now half way through my trip!

I arrived here on Saturday after a 12hr bus journey from Cusco, not a great experience but I made it and that is the most important thing. Fiona came to meet me here on Sunday having spent a night in la Paz recovering from her flight and getting used to life at high altitude.

Lake Titicaca sits at a rather head spinning 3700m, which makes it the highest lake in the world, but far more importantly means that the weather is fairly extreme. During the day it is very sunny, you will happily sit in a t shirt and soak up the rays. However,  at night it is cold. Extra layers are essential.  The lake itself is beautiful, the sheer scale of it is rather astonishing.


The town of Copacabana seems to be entirely based around tourism on the lake, as there really is very little else here. The main attraction being visits to 2 islands in the middle of the lake. Fiona and I had both been told that a trip to the islands was unmissable, so once we had settled ourselves into life at 3700m we decided to get a boat across the lake to see what all the fuss was about.


We took a boat across to the northern side of Isla de sol, the largest island in Lake Titicaca. We explored the area and managed to find some ruins just at sunset which made for a rather beautiful photo opportunity. We then managed to find one of the very few restaurants in the village for dinner. By this time we had met a fellow Brit called Anthony,  a disenchanted Accenture employee, and spent the evening with him. He obviously lived in Clapham Junction.


The following day we walked from our hostel through to the southern part of the island. This was around 5 miles, with a climb up to 4000m, with the most stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. We managed to make record time to get to the southern port and took an earlier boat back to Copacabana. From here we decided it was time to head to la Paz and we jumped on a bus ready for the 4hr journey away from peaceful Copacabana to bustling la Paz.


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