It has been a rather social time in Lima. I arrived at a very civilised 8am on Friday morning in Lima, stepping off the VIP bus service from Trujillo. Probably my best bus experience ever; seats that recline fully, blankets and pillows provided, dinner served. I even managed a few hours sleep! I stayed in one of the areas next to the coast called Miraflores, which is incredibly touristy, but very pretty and self sufficient with it.

I met up with Fiona, one of Jessica’s friends from university,  who had just arrived in the Peru. By the time it got around for dinner, we had fast become a group of 7 with a range of British,  Brazilian and Peruvian, so lots of different languages all evening. We all had a few of the local tipple, a very delicious cocktail called a pisco sour.


I made it home long before the others, as I had the lovely Ali Gilbert arriving at the rather unsociable hour of 6.30am on Saturday morning.  Ali arrived safely and even managed to use her new found Spanish skills to get a taxi to the hostel. We had a lovely morning exploring the area and walking along the beach before joining with Fiona and Anna (a lovely Brazilian girl from our hostel). We hired bikes and explored more of Lima.


Ali and I had another lovely day on sunday, witnessing the rather bizarre impromptu dance class in the middle of a street in the centre of Lima, doing a little culture and trying some of the local food delicacies. Ali has pretty much taken it all in her stride and seems to have fitted into life travelling very easily!

On Monday we headed to the airport and took a flight down south to Cusco. Ready for Macchu Picchu in a couple of days…


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