Onto country number 3, Peru. My arrival into Peru wasn’t quite as I had hoped,  but the sunshine here has more than made up for it now. I arrived here on a bus from Ecuador which was due to arrive at 7am. The bus arrived here at 4am. I was the only person getting off and was soon stood in the dark on a street in a town I didn’t know, in a country I didn’t know with no local currency. Not an ideal situation. As it turned out the worst thing that happened was being heavily over charged from a taxi driver to my hostel, which luckily had lovely hammocks I could nap in until morning!

IMG_0927 I stayed in a bamboo hut, which surrounded a swimming pool and garden with hammocks, with the sea about 20m away. As near to perfect as it gets! I had originally planned on staying in Mancora for 3 days before heading further into Peru. However, this quickly changed to 5 days as the beach and glorious sunshine kept me there.

I spent a lot of time sunbathing, i had hoped to have a surf lesson or 2 but this was not to be as the sea resembled a mill pond for the whole time i was there. The other amazing thing about Mancora is the sea food. I had fish everyday, in fact for most meals. It was fresh and delicious and incredibly cheap! I met some lovely people in Mancora, not especially difficult since the place is overrun by travellers, in particular a lovely Austrian girl called Eva.


Following my time in Mancora i took a bus south to a city called Chiclayo. A day bus this time. The drive to Chiclayo was really interesting. We drove through the Sechura desert, which is an incredibly barren place except for oockets of intense farming in particular paddy fields. This looks bizarre against the back drop of the desert!


The other entertainment for the bus journey was my realisation that Peruvian men are very different to Ecuadorian men. Since i have blonde hair and blue eyes i had expected unwanted attention in South America. In Columbia and Ecuador I got a fair bit of attention but nothing significant. In Peru it is very different. I have taken to wearing sunglasses even when its not sunny so that i dont have men harassing me about my eye colour! The other issue is the hissing. Peruvian men seem to think this is an acceptable way to show a girl they think she is pretty. I do not. However, it does seem that hissing and unwanted comments are as far as things go. My response of Ignoring said men seems to be sufficient in deterring them, thank god as my spanish is not up to giving quick put downs just yet!


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