Galapagos Islands

I arrived at the hotel we spent Saturday night at and realised at this stage that this was not going to be the same standard of travel I was used to. On arrival at the hotel my bag was taken to my room before I even had chance to check-in. I met my room mate Jenny,  who is a lovely teacher from London,  she soon became my room mate, snorkelling buddy and Galapagos BFF!


We flew to the Galapagos islands very early on Sunday morning, which meant we arrived onto our boat by 11am. And what a boat it was. There were 13 of us in total on our boat with 8 staff looking after us all. The boat was amazing, on arrival to the sun deck Jenny and I looked at each other both of us said this had far out-weighed our expectation significantly. At this stage we both felt like at any moment we were going to be expected to partake in a dance video. Our biggest concern was our lack of dancing skills and more importantly our lack of owning a gold bikini.


We headed straight out to go snorkelling,  where we saw a multitude of fish and even a white tipped shark. After about 15mins our guide called us back into the boat and he said he thought he had seen a dolphin. What it turned out to be was 3 killer whales feeding on a dead whale at the bottom of the sea. We were on a boat above the whales who kept surfacing around us. After about 10mins the blubber from the dead whale floated to the surface and these enormous sea birds fed on this in their hundreds, the birds are called frigates. This whole scene was truly amazing to see, even our guide said he had never seen a display this fantastic, it felt like we were part of David Attenborough program!

In total we visited 4 islands and our tours varied from hikes on the islands to snorkelling around the islands.  The best thing about being based on a boat is that we travelled between islands at night so we had all day to see wildlife.  The islands themselves are incredible to look at as they are all formed from volcanic rock and the younger islands are so hostile looking it is amazing to see so many species survive there.



During our various trips to the islands We were lucky enough to see Sea llions,  iguanas, giant tortoises, finches, flamingos, rays, turtles, sharks, penguins, various sea birds and the wonderful blue footed boobies.

IMG_0814 All in all the Galapagos was a phenomenal experience. My advice; go as soon as you can. It is worth every penny.


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