From the rainforest I travelled to a thermal spring town called Banos.  Banos is a very picturesque town settled in a valley. With the lovely hot springs and virtually every outdoor activity possible available, Banos is as popular with ecuadorian holiday makers as it is with gringos.

I was lucky enough to time my trip with some friends who I had met from the rainforest.  We all stayed in this amazing hostel that doubles up as an art gallery and studio, so you end up having breakfast amongst artwork of varying degrees of completion.

Friday was a very good day. Catherine and I decided to get up early and visit the thermal springs at 5:30am and sunrise whilst in the baths, which was actually a great start to the day. We then went zip lining across a canyon a short distance from Banos.  This was amazing fun, the photo below is of us climbing between the 2 zip lines, which actually was scarier than the zip lining!


I then walked up to a viewpoint on one of the mountains, which gave the mostbeautiful view of the town.  After this catherine and I decided that we were in need of some TLC, so we decided to have a full body massage and a facial.  Absolute bliss!  I did have the realisation as I was having the facial that this was the first time my face had been properly clean moisturised for 2 months.

To end the day off, a big night out obviously! The other volunteers from the rainforest arrived on Friday night and we hit the Banos night scene,  which is pretty good. The night started in a fairly civilised way, but ended at around 4am in a bar that the owners had tried to close several times, but we prevented them from doing by buying more shots and insisting that we needed to be in charge of music.

IMG_0648 I feel like this photo sums up the end of our night. With everyone a little worse for wear!  A great final night with the group I met whilst in the rainforest.


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