Jatun Sacha – amazon rainforest weeks 3 and 4

I have just finished my final week at Jatun Sacha,  so yet another goodbye to some friends I have made. I have now realised that most of my trip will be spent saying goodbye to various people along the way! It has been an amazing month here. I feel like I have learnt an enormous amount,  however im not convinced that Jonas,  our boss at work, would agree as he asked me to name a tree on Friday and I could only actually remember 2 names. Needless to say the tree was neither of these!

Whilst I won’t miss the continual dampness of everything, I will miss the noise of the rainforest and the fact that at any given time there is usually something pretty amazing to see. Outside our dining room at the centre we would often see monkeys, saddleback tamarinds for those interested. I was very pleased with the picture below of them. However I was kindly informed that everyone else had managed to get superior photos to this already.

IMG_0572 The other very exciting animal we have had at the centre was a sloth. I totally failed to get a picture! However i can confirm that they are the cutest animal ever. I am keen to get one as a pet on my return to London.

Below is a picture from the bird observation tower of myself with  the lovely Charlie. It is 30m high and has the most stunning view from the top, very much worth the terrifying climb up.

IMG_0553 I am now spending a couple of days in a town called Banos, which has some great thermal springs. Then onto Quito and my Galapogos tour begins.


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