Jatun Sacha, Amazon conservation project – week 1

So, I safely made it to the Amazon on my own! Been here just over a week and absolutely loving it here. The centre I am volunteering at is pretty amazing, it covers around 2200 hectares of rainforest and particularly focuses on species of trees and plants that are nearing extinction due to deforestation. The work is fairly repetitive and made harder by the fact we use machetes instead of any more advanced tools for most things! Good fun though and my knowledge of tools in Spanish is now pretty impressive.

It is a truly beautiful place, which is evident where you climb up the 30m observation tower and can see only surrounding rainforest and the mountains in the distance. There are loads of different hikes to do around the centre, so I have started to explore a bit of the area.


The other volunteers are great. A total mix of people, lots of Americans and rather a lot of 18/19 year olds, However made some good friends, cemented with rather a lot of beer in the local town as we experienced the nightlife, which was pretty good fun.

We dont work at weekends and have managed to see a few places already and have plans for a weekend trip next weekend.


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