We have just arrived back into Quito from 3 days in a town 2 hours north called Otavalo. Otavalo is renowned for its textile markets, so we decided to invest an afternoon picking up some locally produced items. The market is in this square,  which is like a maze of colour.

IMG_0362 All of us have come back with armfuls of things, i had to be slightly more restrained unfortunately as i have the joy of carrying my rucksack for a further 5 months yet!

We managed to find 2 absolute gems in Otavalo, firstly a great bar which played some classic old school tunes and this amazing pie shop that sold the best blackberry pie ever. It became awkward how many times we went to both of these places!

On Tuesday we decided to take a hike around a nearby lake called Cuicocha, which formed in a crater of an extinct volcano. We had an amazing walk, with beautiful weather and the most amazing views. IMG_0359

Afterwards we headed into a nearby town called Cotacatchi, which is famous for its leather. We had a look round and had a well earned coffee, then headed back home.

We had a fantastic supper on Tuesday evening as we found that each evening there are various food stalls out selling freshly cooked local food. We weren’t totally sure what we were eating, but it tasted amazing! Afterwards, we headed down to our local bar for a quiet drink, a game of cards and an early night.


This did not happen, 4 Ecuadorians sat at the next table ststarted chatting to us. They offered for us to join them for the biggest tequila shots I’ve ever done. This led to salsa lessons, much more tequila and us managing to request our own music from the bar staff. I recall Andy being very pleased with himself after requesting a drum and base tune!

Wednesday was a less positive start, as the effects of the night before were on show. We headed to the food and spice market which turned out to be challenging, especially at the meat stalls whIch have the full cacarcass on show, including insides. Nice!

Headed back to Quito, and now back in the hostel packing. Tomorrow we start our week of hiking, biking and rafting.


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