Our final destination in Columbia was a place called Minca, just up in the mountains, so a little cooler which we thought would be nice. Lonely planet told us you get decent coffee and great bird watching.  I certainly wasn’t holding my breath in excitement.

As it turned out Minca is a little gem. We had been recommended a place to stay called Oscar’s place, which only publicises itself by word of mouth. We had to ask a few people how to get there and even then it was 20mins walk from the road, uphill and across a stream. However, once we arrived it was worth it. My photos do not do the view justice

IMG_0319All you can see is rainforest and it is set on a cliff. Oscar, the owner, is incredibly frienly and within a few hours of being there you just feel at home. We visited a coffe plantation which was really interesting as the entire farm and machinery was all drien by water pressure. No electricity at all.

In the evening all the guests have dinner together, then Oscar taught us how to play backgammon.



The next day was spent mainly looking at the amazing view, i was lucky enough to seea toucan! Managed to find some people who are basically doing a similar route through South America which was great. Then it was time to leave. If i had a choice i would have stayed in Minca for a few more days, but sadly our schedule would not permit.

This also brought us to the end of our time in Columbia. Country number 1 done!



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