Tahrona National Park – Caribbean Coast

The last 5 days we have spent in a national park on the Caribbean coast. We spent the first night in, relative, luxury at this hotel perched on a cliff over the sea. It gave the feel that your bedroom was out at sea, turns out this is pretty noisy! If you looked in the opposite direction there was dense rainforest, which certainly made sunset views beautiful.


Our following nights were spent in hammocks, not something I think I would ever get used to! However, the stunning Caribbean coast line more than makes up for it. The amazing part is that if you are prepared to walk a couple of bays around you end up with your own private beach, which is pretty nice.

Our time was not all spent sunbathing, we trekked between each campsite we stayed in and spent a day trekking up to some ruins, up what felt like a mountain but was probably a large hill. We spent a couple of days with guy called Chris who we met one night. As it turns out he not only went to Durham,  he also is from Yorkshire.  It really is a small world!


We decided to exit the park in style, taking a boat back to Taganga, a short drive from our start point of Santa Marta. I was expecting a nice sedate boat ride back, the reality was a speedboat ride back through the waves. I think Andy may have a very nice video of me screaming as the first of many waves hit me!


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